Water Model UN 14/15

Model UN

Water and Sanitation Rights Model UN

The UNA-GP organizes and participates in an active Model UN program in the area, which brings together students to learn about the world, governments, and problem solving in an interactive way. Water rights and related issues are the focus of an upcoming model UN scheduled for MLK Day in 2014: January 20.

Check out the materials we have prepared:

Discussion sessions:

Here are some additional materials relevant to the Water Model UN and resources about water rights worldwide:

  • Fact sheets on water rights and issues: here
  • Water rights case study — Rift Valley in Africa: here
  • Lighthearted introduction to serious sanitation/toilet issues. Slide show (pdf): here
  • List (with fliers) of some key organizations active in water rights: here
  • In-depth slide show on water issues with voice overlay: here. You will probably need to download the (large) Power Point file, open it, and start the show in order to use the file and hear the voice overlay. The slides advance automatically once the show starts (the first two take a while). Audio begins on the third slide.

You may also want to check out our page (here) on the Model UN on the Rule of Law. The upcoming session for this activity is March 1, 2014.

If you or your class might be interested in participating in any of our Model UN activities, contact us at info@una-gp.org.

Page updated 10-31-14.

Ode to the toilet

Water rights include sanitation rights. Some call the enclosed toilet one of the greatest advances in public health in all of history