Event: UN Cafe: “Woman’s Fight for Equality and the Right to Education”

The UN Cafe is a monthly event hosted by United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia as an attempt at revitalizing the idea that a small group of people can get together, form an intelligentsia, and talk about serious issues, from a community level to the global scale. Despite the US’s growing culture of “doesn’t effect me,” we want to encourage critical thinking and problem solving about these issues in a democratic, forum type environment; a safe haven for people to express themselves.

This month, in association of Human Rights Day, our topic of focus will be “Woman’s Fight for Equality and the Right to Education” with a focus on the Malala Case.

Even if you don’t know much about the topic you are MORE than welcome to join the conversation or just enjoy the environment!Tea, coffee, and light snacks will be provided

Address:Ross Commons, at 34th and Powelton, is a unique facility on the north side of Drexel University Main Campus offering a variety of dining choices, lounges, and study and meeting spaces.

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