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The UNA-GP Sport for Development & Peace uses sport as a platform to promote peace, education, health, cross-cultural engagement and community development.
The UNA-GP Sport for Development & Peace uses sport as a platform to promote peace, education, health, cross-cultural engagement and community development.
Sport as a universal language can be a powerful tool to promote peace, tolerance and understanding by bringing people together across boundaries, cultures and religions. Its intrinsic values such as teamwork, fairness, discipline, respect for the opponent and the rules of the game are understood all over the world and can be harnessed in the advancement of solidarity, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence.
Although sport alone cannot stop or solve an acute conflict, it represents a flexible and cost-effective medium for post-conflict relief work and peace building as well as conflict prevention.
The United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia is a chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States of America. With over 175 chapters and 150 affiliated national organizations, United Nations Association of United States of America is our nation’s largest grassroots foreign policy organization building public support for the United Nations.
The United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia, UNA-GP, shares the mission of the United Nations Association of the United States of America, UNA-USA, to educate, inspire, and mobilize American citizens to support, strengthen and promote the goals of the United Nations Charter. The Greater Philadelphia chapter of the UNA-USA is working towards creating a global Philadelphia through education, advocacy, and volunteer opportunities.
The UNA-GP Sport for Development & Peace, UNA-GP SDP, is an initiative of the UNA-GP whose mission is to engage the United Nations system – on behalf of the Greater Philadelphia region – with regard to Sport for Development and Peace, bringing the worlds of sport and development closer together. Our activities are focused on being an advocate, facilitator and representative of sports’ social impact in a development context.
Through sport activities, conferences, speaking series, official resolutions, multimedia outreach, public relations and collaboration, UNA-GP SDP assists the organization in raising awareness about the use of physical activity, sport and play as powerful tools in the advancement of development and peace objectives, including the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, with the aim of encouraging the mainstreaming and replication of initiatives that truly make a difference. UNA-GP SDP also provides guidance and assistance to those who currently engage or would like to engage in harnessing the potential of sport as a force for good.
Emphasizing dialogue, knowledge-sharing and partnerships, UNA-GP SDP serves as a facilitator, encouraging cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exchanges between all stakeholders interested in using sport as a tool for education, health, development and peace. In the lead-up to and during major local, regional, national and global sports and UN related events – as well as ongoing programming, UNA-GP SDP works on fostering collaboration, coordination and representation. In relation to International Day of Peace in Philadelphia in 2013 for instance, UNA-GP was instrumental in launching Philadelphia Plays for Peace, P3, a World Cup style competition undertaken by the UNA-GP and a network of partners and stakeholders.
Global Philadelphia Association
Multicultural United Soccer Club
Multicultural Community Family Services
Chester Upland Soccer for Success
Eyekonz Field Hockey and Lacrosse
Philadelphia Area Tennis District
September 2016
  • National Soccer Month
  • Sept 9 through Oct 21 with finals on Nov 5:  Philadelphia International Unity Cup: Details here.
  • 24 International Day of Peace – Soccer Day of Peace and Play Event with Multicultural United Soccer Club/Multicultural Community Family Services (Upper Darby)
October 2016
  • 3 Crosscurrent Pictures (Villanova University) Limbo Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion with WHYY at Villanova University
  • 5-7 Sport at the Service of Humanity Global Conference on Faith and Sport at the Vatican
  • 15 UNA-GP Board Meeting 10:00AM – 12:00PM
  • 24 UN Day
November 2016
  • TBD Philadelphia Association of Black Journalist Sports Task Force Event
December 2016
  • 8 Human Rights Day

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