The Special event on September 10th will be the kick-off for a series of seminars and events during the academic year 2012-2013.

The focus of the series will be two pronged:
1) professional education and promotion of the ICC
2) bringing the global dialogue about international law, the ICC, and other international courts and bodies to the next generation.

It is intended, to the extent practicable, that the seminars will be eligible for professional education credits and will be open to students and professionals in the fields of Law, Political Science, International Relations, and Peace and Social Justice. Furthermore we are aiming to have ICC participation in the seminars, and we are working with the judges, the prosecutor’s office, and the ICC registrar to find best dates.

The following themes are being used to guide plans in collaboration with experts in Philadelphia:

  • War and Transnational Crime; the Role of International Law
  • Crimes of Sexual Violence during armed conflicts and peace-keeping missions
  • ICC Jurisdiction - should it be expanded/modified? Why or why not?
  • Evidence sharing between national and international jurisdictions - the role of Interpol and law-enforcement.
  • Comparative Look at the Role of Victims/Witnesses in US Jurisprudence and the ICC (participation of victims before the ICC/Award of reparations to victims; effective and efficient representation of victims, Compensation and Rehabilitation (art. 75 Statute of Rome), Trust Fund for Victims (art.79 Statute of Rome)
  • The Future of the ICC - the next 10 years - The Role of NGO’s (e.g., AMICC), National Governments, lawyers, Bar Associations etc.
  • Globalization of Legal Practice - Impact of the International courts, including the ICC on the work habits, roles, market opportunities and modus operandi of law firms and law schools.

A Model UN Conference on the ICC and the rule of law, focusing on high school students at participating schools in Greater Philadelphia, with after-school programming during the Fall and Winter, with the conference to be held in Spring 2013. With networking support from the University of Pennsylvania International Affairs Association, a student led entity, and material support is expected from Global Classrooms of the UNA-USA. A trip to the UN in New York is in the plans.

​An educational law school deans’ conference, where we hope to have the deans of all six law schools in greater Philadelphia debate the globalization of legal education, going well beyond teaching “international law” as a special course section within the curriculum.

​A possible seminar has been suggested on a specialized topic, but follow-up is dependent on others. The topic relates to the World Health Organization's interest in documenting and drawing attention to enforcement of human rights in public health terms and is intended to examine national and international litigation as a means of enforcing and ensuring access to public health human rights.